How To Remove A Brass Fireplace Insert

How To Remove A Brass Fireplace Insert

How to update a fireplace surround. For a fireplace surround, look for screws.


If your fireplace sees a lot of usage, you may have noticed your formerly shiny brass fireplace insert has gotten dirtier and dingier with each fire that you light.

How to remove a brass fireplace insert. Then, tape newspaper all around being sure to have it on the hearth area especially as spray paint “falls”. Let your brass dry in the sun for about an hour. Worst case scenario, you could use metal paint over the brass doors (it comes in spray cans), which would look just fine as long as you didn't get too close 🙂

See more ideas about fireplace, fireplace makeover, fireplace decor. It was quite covered in spray paint by the time i was done. Wash brass with a degreaser soap.

We have a gas fireplace in our family room. Try to understand how the surround or mantel is attached to the wall, whether its with screws, nails, bolts or simply held in place. Make sure it is down in the hole just a little bit and is not flush with the hole so the insert removal tool can be set on top and remove the threaded insert.

Slowly remove the fireplace insert. There's also this satin one.) That means you could unscrew them enough to remove the insert from the fireplace opening, do the spray painting outside, and then bring it back in and screw it back into place.

Instructions to paint brass fireplace screen, the preparation: Cheap tape of any kind (i used cheap blue tape, i know it's not usually cheap but this one is lower quality) painter's plastic, big roll of brown paper, or plastic garbage bags; Take a crowbar and remove the trim around the insert.

I found that using the foam brush was the easiest to apply. The style of it is simple, but it suits our home. Dishwashing detergent with 1/2 gallon warm water in a bucket.

3rd, tape off or remove any handles you don’t want sprayed. As i worked my way around the brass insert, the folder moved with me. Make it even more cost effective by splitting the paint cost with a friend or two also looking to update their fireplace.

I purchased disposable foam & bristle brushes and simply painted thin layers over the existing brown/brass fireplace surround. As soon as you’ve applied your final coat of paint, remove the painter’s tape to avoid removing any of the paint that you painted on the brass. It wasn’t until i had it off, that i realized that the new, fully revealed.

Remove the brass screen and place it in a bathtub. To be extra sure i didn’t get any paint on the brick, i inserted an old plastic folder between the brick and the brass. You may have to use a hammer or mallet to break apart the framing.

Rinse the soap off with a wet cloth. Clean the fireplace surround with a damp cloth and be sure it’s dry before applying the enamel. For a single mantel by itself without a surround, look for screws either on top of the mantle or underneath, near to the wall.

Rinse messing under the bathtub rooster. Inspect the hole where the threaded insert is located to see how far it is inserted and how tight it is in the hole. 2nd, tape above and below it with good tape.

Then, carefully wiggle the insert out of the fireplace and remove it. I have bricks surrounding the firebox insert. How to i remove a brass fireplace screen attached to brick?

I am wanting to remove a brick fireplace/chimney in my living room that goes up through the attic and out the back side of the roof line. Remove the fireplace and cap the gas pipe or remove the gas feed altogether. Diamond vogel 1.5 inch is my favorite painter’s tape.

Remove soot from the bottom of the insert and place it in a bucket using a metal scoop. Finish the job by screwing a brass cap onto your gas line so you can turn your gas back on and it won't leak out of the line. If work strategically, however, and use the minimum amount of force required to remove the fireplace surround, you can get it done without damaging the walls.

When you can access the gas line, remove it as well. First, dust off the fireplace brass. Updating a brass fireplace has never been easier and so budget friendly.

How to paint a brass fireplace screen you will need: Cleaning it, however, is easy and quick. To remove a fireplace surround and mantel:

The one thing that i’ve never liked about it though…. Once you have the insert where you can see the connections you can unhook them. A bucket of soapy cleaner makes cleaning your fireplace quick and easy.

Scrub the screen with coarse steel wool. If yours is actually screwed into the bricks themselves, you’ll have to do it the way it is here on the page. If you approach removing your fireplace surround like an ordinary demolition job, you'll needlessly damage the surrounding walls.

Take the screen outdoors and place it on a dust sheet. Wash the surface of your brass fireplace door frame with the soapy solution to remove any greasy residue from the smoke and soot. The mantel is a classic white wooden mantle, with a creamy marble insert.

Just a few moments and your brass fireplace insert will be back to its former glory.

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