My 2007 Prius Won't Start

My 2007 Prius Won't Start

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The engine failed to start as a result of a dead battery. Here are some of the most common issues that cause a vehicle to not crank:

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Bad time to have the car breakdown as all dealers are completely overloaded with the gas pedal thing.

My 2007 prius won't start. Tried jumping it, still nothing. 07 toyota prius tail lights will light up for about 15 seconds then shut off. The contact attempted to start the ignition.

I knew at that point i was going to need to replace the 12v battery asap. When trying to start it nothing happens. The failure occurred on two separate occasions, and approximately two weeks after the first occurrence.

The battery was completley dead after sitting in 30 degree weather for. Discussion in 'gen 2 prius care, maintenance and troubleshooting' started by eepers, jan 2, 2013. I thought the key was dead but it didn't work in the ignition either.

Car was fine saturday night and then 24 hours later its totally dead. The toyota prius is a reliable hybrid, but like any complicated machine, something can go wrong at any time. What is causing the tail lights to cycle off after about 15 seconds.

Engine makes no noise at all. 2007 prius reset icon low tire. Jan 2, 2013 2 0 0 vehicle:

While the battery cables are not necessarily the most likely issue. My 2009 prius won't start this morning. There can be many reasons why your prius won’t start.

Discussion starter · #1 · may 29, 2006. They checked my battery and they said it is a good one just recharged for me. Leave the other vehicle connected to the prius until you get it to start.

Before you do that make sure you know the code to activate the radio and how to enter it (if it requires a code). When i press the start button again everything flashes and changes for a full tank of gas to almost nothing. My 2007 prius wont start.

04/26/2014 without warning, after stopping and turning off the engine, my prius engine wouldn't start and all of the warning lights went on when i tried to turn the engine over. A prius may stall for other reasons than the ones mentioned above. While there are a variety of reasons your toyota prius won't start, the most common 3 are a dead battery, an alternator problem, or failed starter.

My battery went dead, got a jump, took it to toyota dealer. 5 car will not start problem of the 2007 toyota prius failure date: If the prius won’t start, you may need to wait for it to charge a bit longer.

Asked by visitor on july 10, 2019. My 2007 prius will not start. For example, if any debris gets into the mass airflow filter, the car will stall or it won’t start at all.

Wait a few minutes for the other vehicle’s running engine to charge the prius’ battery then get back in the car and attempt to start it once again. Page 1 of 2 1 2 next > eepers new member. Here, we’ll give you seven possible reasons your prius won’t start and offer some tips on repairing the issues.

Joined may 29, 2006 · 3 posts. Car will only go from park to neutral, not reverse or drive. I need help with my 2007 prius.

Also, when i open the driver's side door, the car beeps as if i had left the key in … read more After trying to start it and taking foot off brake, the brake light still remains on. Half the time all of the warning lights light up, and half the time there is no reaction.

Be the first to answer mar 12, 2017 • 2007 toyota prius. Lights all will come on. Have to continue to press the power button to turn.

Car will not start problem 2. My 2005 prius would not start monday morning so i was able to jump start it that to get to work. I have a 2007 prius with keyless entry and start fob.

The will cycle each time power switch is turned on. A red light comes on the start button and the entire dashboard lights up but car is still in park and will not move. Bluetooth in prius 2007 suddenly won't connect to cell phone(s) unplug the fuse for the navigation/radio for about 10 minutes then plug it back in.

Then when i tried to start my car without inserting the key, it would not work. It is a very cold day (5 f) and it won't start. Call aaa, they will charge the battery (about 30 minutes to charge.

Common reasons your prius won’t start. Let’s dive right in and get your problem resolved as soon as possible. But, there are less things to troubleshoot than if it were cranking but will not start.

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